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Commercial Solatube Products

Today, architects and designers are adopting our Daylighting Systems to solve some of their toughest sustainable design challenges…

Why are building professionals choosing Solatube Products?

While we always knew that nothing could be more sustainable than integrating natural daylight into a space, we are continually inspired when we see new and exciting designs using our products. So why should you consider us for your next project? Read on…

Innovation in Lighting Up Spaces

Not just “skylights”. We continue to innovate with our Daylighting and Venting Systems.

Over 20 Years of Service in the Industry

Solatube, pioneer in energy efficient lighting and solar ventilation solutions, has continued to operate at the forefront of global technological and social responsibility since its foundation in 1990. Find out more about our Company history.

Breakthrough Technology For Higher Performance

Solatube Daylighting Systems are designed to provide superior performance for virtually every daylighting application. Imagine being able to take daylight where you never thought possible. Find out more about Solatube technology.

Proven Track Record

Our Case Studies are testament to what can be achieved in design and performance with Daylighting using Solatube products.

Sustainable Building

SolatubeĀ® Daylighting Systems are recognised for their ability to help design professionals achieve their Green StarĀ® accreditation goals. Our latest innovations include vast improvements in illumination, consistency, and thermal performance without sacrificing lighting performance. Find out more about sustainable design using Solatube products.

Australian Building Code Compliances

Solatube sets the bar for energy efficiency tested products that are approved by the Building Code of Australia. Download our Building Code Compliance document for more information.

The performance standards established by the Building Code of Australia require skylight products to meet certain maximum Solar Heat Gain Coefficients (SHGC) and U-Factor ratings. In response to this challenge, Solatube’s e-Choice and SolaMasterĀ® products were designed to exceed this criteria. Download our eChoice Performance Statement to find out more.

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