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Skylight Installation

Flexable Installation Options to Easily Brighten Up your Home

Who will install your Solatube® Daylighting System?

With so many options available to you, it’s easy for you to choose the right installation option to suit your current situation, home or project:

DIY Installation

Our DIY installation page offers some guidance on what’s involved in installing a Solatube® Daylighting System and you can also download a copy of the installation instructions; we suggest you read these instructions and our Installation tips as it may help you decide whether to go ahead with a DIY installation or opt for our Solatube Certified Installation service

Solatube Certified Installer

Our Installation Team have undergone a complete Solatube Certification Program and are experts at installing the Solatube Daylighting Systems into a variety of roof types & home styles. If you are in any doubts about carrying out the installation yourself and you are purchasing this product as an independent project (Not as part of a renovation or full build) then we would recommend opting for a Certified Installation by a member of our team. Click here for more details

Competent Builder or Roofer

Solatube Skylight Daylighting System Easy Installation

The final option is most relevant for those who are purchasing this product as part of a renovation or building project and will already be using the services of a builder or roofer, as these tradesmen should be skilled enough to carry out the installation for you at a reasonable cost.

Please Note: If you are opting for DIY installation or appointing a local builder, do be advised that installation requires some work on the roof and this part of the installation should be undertaken only if you/they are confident to do so safely. If the proposed installer has any doubts about carrying out the installation, or the condition of your roof, then we recommend you refer the installation to a our Certified Solatube Installation team  prior to commencing installation.

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