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Brighten Up 290 DS / DSe

Brighten Up 290 dsSince buildings come in different sizes, so do our daylighting systems. The Brighten Up Series has four models for different lighting needs:

290 DS

The Solatube 290 DS provides more light than a 160 DS and, in addition to lighting small offices and corridors, can be a great solution for large areas such as classrooms and hotel lobbies when interstitial space is tight.

290 DSe

The Solatube 290 DSe has earned an Energy Star rating for its ability to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates and heat gain in extremely warm ones. It offers the highest level of energy efficiency.

  • Tube size ≈ 350 mm
  • Potential tube length ≈ 9 m


  • Small offices
  • Corridors
  • Storage Rooms
  • Rest Rooms
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