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Effect Lenses

Used with a diffuser, the Effect Lens adjusts the light and offers choices to soften or warm the light colour. Options include:


Solatube Skylight Lens Covers Effects

Natural (Clear) Effect Lens

Provides brilliant white natural daylight. This lens comes standard.



Solatube Skylight Lens Covers

Warm Effect Lens**

Enhances natural daylight by warming the light creating a color comparable to incandescent bulbs. Not available for AuroraGlo or QuadraFrost.


Solatube Skylight Lens Covers

Softening Effect Lens

Creates a subtle, softer natural lighting effect.



Solatube Skylight Lens Covers Warm Softening

Warm Softening Effect Lens**

Similar to the Warm Effect Lens, but a softer glowing effect. Not available for AuroraGlo or QuadraFrost.



**Warm Effect Lens and Warm Softening Effect Lens not available with AuroraGlo or QuadraFrost

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