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Skylights for Bathrooms

Shower yourself with Sunshine

The bathroom is the place you get yourself ready for the world. You shower; you shave; you apply makeup. Artificial lighting can make it difficult to see well, causing you to strain your eyes trying to discern between the shampoo and conditioner bottles, miss a spot while shaving, or select eye shadow that is too bright for your skin tone. A Solatube Daylighting System can help you avoid these issues by brightening your bathroom with pure, clean daylight. So go ahead and shower yourself with sunshine.




  • No more messing with the lights every time you enter and leave the bathroom.
  • With natural light, reading the small print on medication labels is easier and causes lessstrain on your eyes.
  • Makeup applied in artificial light can end up looking very different when viewed in natural light. Daylighting in your home lets you see how you really look before you venture out in public.
  • Shaving in natural light can help you see better, so you can avoid nicks and missed spots.
  • Electric lights can give off a yellowish glow, makingeven a clean bathroom feel grungy. A Solatube Daylighting System gives your bathroom a cleaner, airier feel.

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