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SolaMaster Series

The SolaMaster Series is a versatile line of tubular daylighting devices that captures natural light at the rooftop and transfers it into building interiors where daylighting has rarely been possible. These systems feature patented optical technologies that deliver highly predictable light levels, allowing them to be used in commercial daylighting design applications similar to traditional lighting equipment.

Architectural and environmental integration

Commercial daylighting has many advantages, but it also poses some challenges. Shifting light patterns, solar heat gain, and glare are all concerns when it comes to using the sun’s rays for natural lighting. As a company, we set out to overcome these challenges by developing innovative commercial daylighting systems that not only meet architectural and environmental objectives but also provide predictable light output, design flexibility, and peace of mind.

Optical controllability

The SolaMaster Series selectively redirects, reflects and delivers the visible spectrum of daylight to interior spaces. At the same time, it filters out infrared wavelengths to reduce daytime cooling loads, minimizing costs associated with air conditioning units. It also prevents harmful ultraviolet light from entering the building, which can damage interiors and fade furniture and fabrics. Whether your application requires controlled, consistent light output or maximum light output throughout the day, The SolaMaster Series offers options to meet your specific commercial lighting needs.

Superior transmission

Along with delivering the highest quality daylight possible, Solatube Daylighting Systems produce minimal color / spectral shift of light. Known as high Color Temperature Maintenance (CTM), this characteristic ensures consistent color temperature and stable color rendition across the visible light spectrum over the course of the year. Our systems also boast unrivaled Light Transfer Efficiency (LTE). This means they deliver maximum light throughput for greater output and enhanced multi-story daylight delivery. In short, Solatube Daylighting Systems are the pinnacle of light output, color consistency and quality of light delivery.

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