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Solartube South Africa

Solar tubes are cylinders used to bring natural light into homes, to help replace or add to electric lights. They’re also known by several other names, including sun pipes, sun scopes, light tubes, and daylight pipes. They’re usually installed on roofs and come through to the ceiling below (like a skylight) and they look like small spotlights. Like skylights, solar tubes provide light coming directly from above, so you’ll get more sunshine. Solar tubes are better insulated than skylights or ordinary windows, though you won’t be able to see as much of the outside world. For interior rooms without outside walls, they can be a great source of natural light. Because of the way the technology works, they can actually provide much more light than a skylight that’s many times larger. For people with seasonal affective disorder who need more access to sunlight, they can help supplement existing windows. Solar tubes can also be useful in rooms that require high-security.

Solatube is the leading company in natural daylighting and solartube systems and can be used in the commercial field or residentially. Because of its tubular structure, Solatube Daylighting Systems can be installed in virtually any space in the house or building.

Solatube’s products offer excellent value for money. They are environmentally friendly products and enhance natural daylight in the home or office during times of load-shedding.

There are several advantages to installing Solatube’s natural daylighting products, both commercially and residentially. These benefits include:

  • Reduced energy costs – eliminates the need to use artificial lighting during the day
  • Increased worker productivity
  • Reduced staff absenteeism
  • Improved student performance
  • Increased property values
  • Improved retail sales
  • Truest and most vivid colour rendition
  • Helps to meet Government targets for reducing carbon footprint
  • Minimized solar gain in summer or heat loss in winter
  • No maintenance required
  • More secure than traditional skylights
  • Easily installed into existing buildings or new build

• Unrivalled quality and performance from the world’s leading manufacturer

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