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Your Tubular Skylight Experts (Skylights South Africa)

Solatube has long been the innovator in daylighting.  Our early products were the first to capture daylight and deliver it to interior spaces where natural light was previously unavailable.

Skylights have been around in various styles for many years now, traditional square skylight, a tubular skylight or a plain old roof window. Solatube Daylighting Systems are award winning Tubular Skylights and with our range of Glass Distractions Decorative Fixtures there is a solution to fit every room’s need and enhance the performance of the with glass…. You’ve Never Seen The Sun Like This Before!

Our Solar Star Solar Powered Roof Ventilation System outperforms traditional wind vents and will cool your roof space so you can stay cool in Summer.

Best of all, all our products have no ongoing running costs, so you can brighten dark spaces and cool your roof space while saving on your power bills.

Now that’s innovation with Skylights South Africa!

The roots of Solatube, originator of the tubular skylight, had humble beginnings dating back to the 1980s and an Australian inventor. Working alone, the inventor struggled to bring his “brain child” to life. His innovative concept would change the way the world thought about skylights.

At a time when poorly designed – and often leak-prone – traditional skylights had become the scorn of home and business owners, the inventor had a revolutionary idea: a compact, leak-proof and energy-efficient alternative. His concept involved a light-capturing system on the rooftop that redirected light down through a highly reflective cylinder to a diffuser at the ceiling level. The system would be simple to install without structural modifications, while provide exceptional natural lighting to the interior space.

With Dealers Nationwide, we are proud to offer our clients the very best in Skylight / Daylighting and Roof Ventilation Products and Installation by a Solatube Certified Installation Consultant.

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