SkyVault Series

Big tubes for big spaces.

Supersized Solutions for High, Open Ceilings.

SkyVault. Natural Light Goes Big.

The core of the SkyVault Series, our largest tubular daylighting devices, is the M74 DS with tubes 740mm wide and extending up to 2540mm long to fill the largest
spaces with natural light.

Made to Be Modular

The Solatube SkyVault Series is a groundbreaking line of modular, high output tubular daylighting devices that deliver massive amounts of daylight to large volume spaces with high, open ceilings. This gives building designers a daylighting solution that provides maximum output while minimizing impact on the building envelope and significantly reducing installation costs.

Massive Sunlight Capture

Maximizes light collection for greater daytime illuminance

Deep Delivery

Provides exceptional thermal efficiency for comfortable interior temperatures year-round.

All the Accessories for Big Impact

The SkyVault Series offers accessories that not only control the levels of light let into a building space, but also minimize the level of heat. And with other accessories for both fit and finish, the system looks as good as it works

SkyVault Technology

See How It Works

SkyVault Daylight Dimmer

From basketball games, theatrical performances and films, to trade shows, corporate meetings and more, the SkyVault Daylight Dimmer represents a true breakthrough in natural lighting. Bright daylight when you want it, near total black out when you need it.